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Nursing Foundation Online Course

This online nursing course is open to everyone. You are able to take this course at your own pace. For every module there are lectures and questions to answer.


Please contact for any questions - you must use this number every time you answer questions

သင်ကြာရေး ဗွီဒီယိုများကို Topics သင်ပြီးတိုင်း ၁ ပတ်ကြာအကြာတွင် Upload လုပ်သွားပေးပါမည်။

Nursing Adults

1) Triage of the Adult patient (Lecture in English)

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2) Introduction of Respiratory Assessment (Adult)

3) Pneumonia In adults

4) Covid-19

5) Influenza

6) Lung Cancer

7) Tuberculosis 

8) Neurological Nursing care

9) Stroke care

10) Epilepsy 

11) Dehydration/Fluids 

12) Shock

13) Malnutrition

15) Dementia

16) Principles of Palliative Care and Medications for care

17) Infection Control principles & Hand Hygiene

20) Preoperative care preparing a patient for theatre

31) Urinary Tract Infection in Children

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